As If Theatre’s First Short Play Festival!

Winner of the Audience Favorite Award is

John C. Davenport for What The Hell Was That?

As If Theatre Company presented The Kenmore Quickies, our first annual festival of shorts, this past weekend.

We tasked 8 local writers to create a 10 minute play from a prompt hidden somewhere deep within the Kenmore Mural Project*! Then 8 directors and 11 actors took those same writer’s words and brought them to life!

Funny, heartfelt, dramatic, scary, goofy…some were based on history, some were based on fiction, some were a combination of the two and all were enjoyed by a plethora of the Kenmore Community and the theatre community as a whole.  Our festival ran Friday through Sunday and the houses were full each night. We even had to add chairs. Most of the audience stuck around long enough to vote and when the final ballot was tallied we had a winner.

Anthony Floyd, Laura Crouch, Kathryn Lampe, Kelly Rogers Flynt (director), and Diane Jamieson accept the Audience Favorite Award for

Anthony Floyd, Laura Crouch, Kathryn Lampe, Kelly Rogers Flynt (director), and Diane Jamieson accept the Audience Favorite Award for “What The Hell Was That?”

What the Hell was That? took home the Audience Favorite Award. John C. Davenport was unable to accept the award in person, but his actors and director were happy to accept on his behalf.

Curious about what the authors were assigned? Check out the chosen prompts and the cast photos below!

Til next summer!

*The Kenmore Mural Project (KMP) was created by Gaul Culley and Staci Adman in association with St. Vincent de Paul. It can be found at 7304 Bothell Way NE on the side of their building. Each playwright will be randomly assigned a portion of the mural as their specific prompt. So go check it out!


July 26 & 27, 2019 at 7:30 pm

July 28, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Kenmore Community Club

7304 NE 175th St

Kenmore, WA 98028



Hard Times at the Dixie Inn

by Betsy Hanson

directed by Cyndi Thomsen

Wish Bone

by Cailtin Gilman

directed by Ted Jaquith

In The Woods All Around

by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom

directed by Curtis Rawls

What The Hell Was That?

by John C. Davenport

directed by Kelly Rogers Flynt


Bothell Auto Coach

by Catherine Rush

directed by Nikki Fey-Burgett

If A Tree Falls

by Julieta Vitullo

directed by Doug Knoop

The Guardsmen

by Marcus Gorman

directed by Elizabeth Hershly

Psychic Latex

by Carolynne Wilcox

directed by Jane Ryan

Terry Boyd and Kathryn Lampe in Psychic Latex

This project was supported, in part, by a grant from 4culture and a grant from the Raynier Institute & Foundation.