Molly Hall

Molly Hall, founder and partner at As If, plays Debra in our upcoming production of Kimberly Akimbo. Let’s get to know Molly!

In one word, describe your character in Kimberly Akimbo.


In one word, describe yourself.


What excites you the most about Kimberly Akimbo?

I love the extreme circumstances, the sense of time running out that pressurizes all the characters; and the push-pull between the heartbreak and the comedy. It makes for a FUN playground to romp around on.

What has been your favorite role?

Lotty in Enchanted April.

Recent play you’ve seen that you have loved?

Hairspray at OSF

One word to describe director Cindy Giese French:


Favorite vacation:

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Cats or dogs:


Favorite burrito filling:

Refried beans and vegan cheese. And jalapeños

Do an anagram of your name.

Molly JoAnn Hall

Ally: All Mojo (leftover NNH)

Jolly Man Halo (leftover LN)

I’m a rule breaker! I didn’t use all the letters!

Don’t miss Molly in Kimberly Akimbo!